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You can book your time and session by the use of the following ways and take advantage of a complete professional advice from Dr. Kamal Hadi.

Making chubby cheeks

In some people the cheekbones do not grow well enough so they have flat, small, or unexpressive cheeks. These people are proper candidates for making chubby cheeks

Nose Surgery

The best doctor in the field of rhinoplasty Many people are in search of the best doctor in the field of rhinoplasty for their individual cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Kamal Hadi, Rhinoplasty specialist
Dr. Kamal Hadi was born in 1337 in Sanandaj. He was graduated from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and then continued his specialized educations at Gilan University of Medical Sciences in Rasht city. It would definitely be said that Dr. Kamal Hadi is one of the best rhinoplasts in Tehran.

Services he presents include:

Making chubby cheeks
Facial Rejuvenation
Eyelid surgery

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