Dr. Kamal Hadi, Rhinoplasty specialist

Dr. Kamal Hadi was born in 1337 in Sanandaj. He was graduated from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and then continued his specialized educations at Gilan University of Medical Sciences in Rasht city. It would definitely be said that Dr. Kamal Hadi is one of the best rhinoplasts in Tehran.

Services he presents include:

Making chubby cheeks
Facial Rejuvenation
Eyelid surgery



You can book your time and session by the ways mentioned in the website. Since nose and face cosmetic surgeries are not emergencies, it is appropriate to spend ample amount of time answering a person’s questions completely so that the demands and expectations will not contradict the reality and the facial beauty criteria which are unique for different people.

Every person’s innate features such as age, flat or oval face, cartilage and bone structure of the nose, jawbone structure, forehead, and the skin type are effective on the surgeon’s decision about the surgery. The state of health of each individual is also effective both on the wound healing capacity as well as the surgery result. Therefore, the decision to have any kind of surgery for the sake of beauty is important and the person should think of it well, and consult with his/her family and close friends. Since in most cases the cosmetic surgeries are not reversible, it should be taken seriously and the person under the surgery has full information and knowledge about the process.

Moreover, cosmetic surgeries are individual matter which should not be done for the sake of any other person for example a husband or wife, because if s/he is not happy with you, this will not be solved by a.surgery

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We really appreciate your attention and welcome you to the website. It is so nice that with the help of digital technology it becomes possible to be at your service as a member of Iran medical community and be in touch with my fellow citizens throughout the world so that we can exchange information about cosmetic surgeries in the fields of ear, nose and throat and facial beauty.

For this purpose, the possibility of receiving your suggestions and questions is available in this website. I hope the information mentioned here are of use for you all.

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